Hormone Replacement Therapy for Men

If you’re a man approaching midlife and not feeling your best or if you feel like you’ve “lost your edge” or you’re looking to optimize your workouts and recovery, relief is possible. For patients who qualify, Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) may be a recommended component of your medically supervised plan of care. 

At PROVOKE Health ((previously Functional Healthcare Group, and still Dr. Matt Lewis’ healthcare practice), TRT involves the supplementation of testosterone (often with an estrogen blocker) to restore healthy hormone levels and balance, all under the watchful eyes of our doctors and trained healthcare team members. Our approach to hormone replacement therapy for men starts with lab tests to determine your testosterone levels, followed by a meeting with one of our in-house doctors or our nurse practitioner to discuss our findings and recommended plan of care.

Did you know: In men, testosterone levels naturally decline after the age of 30. Average testosterone levels for men between the ages of 40 and 49 are 252 to 916 nanograms (ng) per deciliter (dL). Anything less than 500 ng/dl is likely to cause you to experience symptoms at any age*.

*While lab values are used to mimic what is normal, most men don’t want too “just be normal.” The team here at PROVOKE will help you to find out where your levels need to be in order to experience optimal strength and energy, optimized brain health and sex drive, and improved confidence and resiliency.

When to Consider Testosterone Replacement Therapy

If you or your doctor suspect hormone imbalances, here are some signs to consider:

Common Symptoms of Testosterone Imbalance in Men

  • Anxiety
  • Brain fog (reduced mental clarity/focus)
  • Difficulty obtaining and maintaining erections 
  • Fatigue
  • Hair loss
  • Loss of libido (sex drive)
  • Loss of muscle mass or difficulty building muscle 
  • Mood swings
  • Poor exercise recovery 
  • Restless sleep
  • Sadness/depression
  • Weight gain

Note: Studies have shown that low testosterone leads to increased risks for prostate cancer, dementia, heart disease, and diabetes. 

Benefits of Testosterone Replacement Therapy

When integrated into a comprehensive plan of care, Testosterone Replacement Therapy may provide several health benefits, including:

  • Easier weight management
  • Enhanced mood
  • Improvements in: 
    • Body composition
    • Brain health and acuity
    • Sexual function
    • Skin tone and hair texture
    • Sleep
  • Increased energy and muscle strength
  • Reduced inflammation

Opting for Bioidentical Hormones

The use of super physiological doses of testosterone in the past has raised concerns about side effects. However, advancements in the understanding and monitoring of testosterone therapy have led to safer and more effective treatments. Questions about this? Ask your PROVOKE Health healthcare provider for additional details.

Delivering Bioidentical Hormones

Here at PROVOKE Health, we offer three delivery options for bioidentical hormone therapy:

  1. Injections: Ensures 100 percent absorption. (While injections can be administered in our clinic, patients can inject intramuscularly at home.)
  2. Creams: Convenient and pain-free, they can deliver multiple hormones, including estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone.
  3. Pellets (coming soon): Provide consistent hormone levels over an extended period. Surgically inserted under the skin, they dissolve gradually, offering relief within days to weeks.

More About Pellets

Pellets, about the size of a grain of rice, contain hormones (testosterone) and are implanted under the skin. They provide sustained relief without the need for removal. Expect minor side effects such as bruising and swelling.

Considering Testosterone Replacement Therapy

If you’re not feeling your best, we encourage you to schedule a consultation or appointment with our medical team, because we understand the crucial role hormones play in your overall health.

While fading testosterone levels may be a contributing factor, we prioritize a comprehensive approach to address all potential causes of your symptoms before recommending Testosterone Replacement Therapy. Our objective is to optimize your health and well-being and restore your resiliency and confidence with testosterone as an important component of your handcrafted plan of care.