There’s a driving force behind everything we do — a dedication to a purpose that defines what everyone who works at PROVOKE Health is committed to:

“Collaborating with patients to rekindle their confidence and improve their resiliency by creating and co-managing personalized treatment plans that address complex health problems.”

That’s our mission. That’s what we do!


At PROVOKE Health, the mission is not enough. We have values that are ingrained in the very fabric of our approach to healthcare and business. They serve as the bedrock of our identity, shaping the unwavering principles that guide our interactions with patents and colleagues alike. The values below not only constitute the essence of our team culture but also embody qualities that are indispensable, actionable, and enduring:

Patients Before Profits: We believe patients are people, not numbers. If we treat our patients well and focus our energy and talents on reviving their health and overall well-being, the profits will follow. 

Breakthrough Thinking: Instead of following conventional or traditional approaches, we are committed to thinking creatively and unconventionally — especially when seeking to diagnose and solve for complex health problems. 

A Better Quality of Life: It’s what we offer our patients and want for ourselves. Life quality is the currency of our healthcare practice, emphasizing the importance of both patients and employees earning and valuing their quality of life through dedication and smart work. 

Unwavering Accountability: We hold ourselves reliable for our words and accountable for our actions and their consequences. As a result, we value reliability as a cornerstone of integrity and always assume ownership of our mistakes as well as the responsibility to learn from them and work towards rectifying any negative impact caused. 

Empowering Choice: Understanding that each person’s journey to good health is unique, we are devoted to empowering patients through personalized care that respects their personal choices and values.