March 1, 2018

Wow! Where do I begin…. Dr. Matt was referred to me by a friend and I decided to go to him to speak about stubborn weight that would not come off and some autoimmune issues. Dr. Matt took all my information, he completed blood work and took an overall look at what was going on. To help rule some things out, he put me on some supplements based on my blood work results. Dr. Matt really got to the root of my issue and with his help I was able to finally get rid of some unwanted weight. Lisa was my assigned health coach and she was extremely helpful in figuring out what dietary & lifestyles changes needed to be made. Tina, another health coach, was an awesome source of strength and comfort when I needed to vent in regards to my progress. The office staff was super helpful in making and changing appointments for me and keeping me up to date with workshops in the office. I absolutely LOVE coming to this office and I would refer anyone, you too, will be hooked!!